The cooperative project between the City of Bonn and Tourismus & Congress GmbH relies on the voluntary involvement and the own initiative of its participants, and promotes practical reinforcement of the sustainability principle, specifically focusing on the following points:

ECOLOGY Using green technology and reducing resource use

ECONOMY Lowering operational costs and using innovative technology

SOCIAL INVOLVMENT Retaining and creating work places, and increasing employee motivation

As a modern service-providing company in a consumer-orientated industry, we want to effectively help reduce environmental impact, and thus show that economy and ecology are not mutually exclusive. We feel we owe it to future generations to act responsibly and thus preserve the foundations of human existence. Through the “Sustainable Bonn” project, we are constantly improving our hotel’s sustainable management practices, and have established “sustainability” as a fundamental theme in our everyday life. Due to our vast potential to act as a role model, we believe active communication of our sustainability-based approach is a great way to encourage many people to think about how they can act in a different and therefore environmentally-aware manner in their everyday life.

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